Yahagi & Ike’s fun English /#30「ジョーカー」JOKER

矢作とアイクの英会話, Yahagi & Ike’s Fun English

I love watching movies.
The reason why I love movies is because it’s fun to watch.
My favorite movie is “Back to the Future” Why? Because it’s fun to watch!
I love that movie as much as I love “Die Hard” Because it’s so fun to watch.
Recently I saw the movie “Joker”, because …
Let me guess. Let me guess. Because it’s so fun to watch, right?
Joker cannot be described with simple words.
What is real and what is not? This movie made me think about what justice really is.
This movie is a masterpiece. The awesome performance of Joaquin Phoenix, and…
What are you? A movie critic now?
You don’t know anything about movies… do you?