Learn English/ Stop saying the WORST word in English!! #short

Stop saying the WORST word in English!!
#learnenglish #

So are you accidentally saying the worst words in English?
Now it’s very difficult in English because you have to be aware that
sounds can be very similar.
But this can make a huge difference in the meaning.
For example “can’t” is with long r, can’t, like in far and car
or giraffe, however if you say this with a you are going to say
probably the worst word in English
I’m sure you can imagine, guys. CUNT
don’t really want to say it,
but yes it’s …

As well as that this is the same for coke
and then if you change this one to an o sound,
again you’re going to say a very bad word. COCK
So coke is like soak and throat.
If you change this for short o as in sock and rock
you’re going to say
Well you want to avoid those words
guys so keep practicing your…