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/ Best ways to introduce yourself in English #

I’m gonna teach you phrases that you can use
when you’re meeting people abroad.
For example you’re at a party
and what you do you’re like, “Hi, My name is Marina. I’m from Russia.
I’ve been living in San Francisco since 2016.”
And the person who’s listening to you is already bored
always think about the context,
like if I’m at a party and I want to approach somebody
I’ll be, like, “Hey. My name is Marina. I’m a youtuber and I have over a million
followers and that’s it.”
if we’re talking about an email you would not start your email, like, “Hey. My name is Marina Mcgilco. You can say, “Hey, this is Marina from this company.
This is Marina. we met at a party yesterday.
So when you’re meeting somebody,
the first thing you say is, “Hello”, super formal, right?
Hello. Good evening. Good morning. Good afternoon”
If you want to be more informal you can say “Hey. Hi. Or, What’s up?.”
And then you’re stating your name
you can also say “My name is Marina.”
If it’s informally, like, “Hey. I’m Marina. Nice to meet you.”