StudyInネイティブ英会話 22/01/08 / 英語のスピーキング練習に使える動画です!

StudyInネイティブ英会話 / 英語のスピーキング練習に使える動画です!

Could you tell me how to get to the nearest McDonald’s?
Yeah you got the main entrance and it’s right around the corner. Make sure you turn right, though.
Thank you! I’m meeting a friend there.
Nice! You know, Mcdonald’s is my favorite American restaurant. Are you having lunch there?
Yea. We’re actually just visiting Tokyo.
Oh, where are you from?
We’re from Osaka.
Get out! I love osaka. Never been but I love takoyaki.
We have the best takoyaki.
Oh, I bet you do. Oh, sorry, I gotta go. It was so nice meeting you! Bye!