linguamarina / ikTok Trend – Californians Dropping the T? #SHORTS

Rachel’s English / TikTok Trend – Californians Dropping the T? #SHORTS

So there’s this guy on TikTok who has this thing about Californians dropping the T.
He’s sort of right but he’s not all the way right.
There’s this trend going around that Californians
don’t pronounce the letter T in their words. So if you’re from California do write this.
I’m going to put some words on the screen, I want to hear how you pronounce them.
Santa Ana
Santa Ana
So, what’s happening here? Is it
every T follows the pattern nt vowel diphthong? And that’s a known situation where Americans
not just Californians will often drop the T. Other examples: I want it.
want it, no t. I can’t even, no t.
The internet’s down, no t. I have a job interview next week. No t.
I identify with you. No t. I need twenty bucks. No t.
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