Rachel’s English / ENGLISH VOCABULARY | “Table” idioms #SHORTS

Rachel’s English / ENGLISH VOCABULARY | “Table” idioms #

You probably know the noun “table”, but do you know the verb?
As a verb it means to postpone, to put off, to do something later.
For example, let’s table the discussion until we have all the data.
Now we also have three useful idioms.
Idiom 1: Off the table
This means not a possibility. Where do you wanna go on vacation?
I don’t know but anywhere I have to fly to is off the table because I can’t afford to fly.
Number 2: To bring to the table. That means to contribute.
You brought a lot to the table on this project. You had so many good ideas!
Idiom #3: The tables have turned. Shall we turn it this way?
No, this isn’t literal. This means something has completely changed direction,
something is going to be the opposite of what you thought.
For example, a basketball game. One team is crushing it,
doing so well but then, their best player gets injured.
And they start playing horribly.
Well, the tables have turned and it looks like the other team is gonna win.