Why Do You Drop the “H” in “Her”? | Minute English #shorts

Why Do You Drop the “H” in “Her”? | Minute English #

Let’s do some training. Let’s take the word her
and talk about how it’s often pronounced without an h.
For example, I want her to see it.
We drop the h in her
That’s a really common reduction
What’s happening with the t in want
We often drop it after an r before a vowel
So “want her” you’ll often hear that
How did you know that Kim was the one
I saw on a paparazzi pic with Paris Hilton
and then after a few years she moved away
never saw her again
She is always right there when I need her
I saw her there yesterday.
No h I need her here now.
needer no h I found her at the library.
founder (found her) no h
I’ll talk to her tomorrow
to no h
watch his video again and try those sentences.