Miss English Teacher – Eggs in

Miss English Teacher – Eggs in
How to order

You can have fried eggs.
here: sunny side up
scrambled eggs
soft boiled
poached eggs
, and omelette
hard boiled
How do you like your egs?
Let me know, and follow for more.

fried egg 目玉焼き
sunny-side up 片面半熟焼きの目玉焼き
over easy 両面焼きの目玉焼き
over medium 黄身がやや固めの焼き加減
over hard over-medium よりもさらに長い時間、両面を焼いた目玉焼きの

scrambled eggs スクランブルエッグ
scramble ごちゃごちゃに混ぜる
poached eggs 「ポーチドエッグ(落とし卵)