(24/1/18)Carokowanz-English – 🎥 Learn English with my short films

Carokowanz-English – 🎥 Learn English with my short films

Good morning.
Oh, no, no, uh
Halloween party.
Oh! A Halloween costume. Sorry! I got scared.
I’ll put it back.
How much is the thing?
The fare is $5,50
Can I pay cash?
Yes, but we don’t give change.
You can pay by card.
I don’t have a card.
I’m sorry…
Oh. Do you have money?
No! No, no, no, no. I don’t… I don’t… No.
No, no, wait.
I can break $100 for you, if you need it.
Yes! Could you please break $100 for me?
Um.. One ticket, please.
Great. Thank you. Hold on tight.