BBC Learning English 2023/04/06 Trump arrested: BBC News Review

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Trump arrested: BBC News Review

Former US President Donald Trump has appeared in court in New York. He was arrested and charged with business fraud. It’s connected to payments he made to an adult movie star shortly before he won the 2016 US election. Trump pleaded not guilty.
ドナルド・トランプの元大統領はニューヨークの法廷に出頭しました。 彼は逮捕され、ビジネス詐欺で起訴されました。 それは、彼が2016年の米国選挙に勝った直前に、彼が大人の映画スターに行った支払いに関連しています。 トランプは無罪を認めた。

The story:
Donald Trump has become the first ex-US president to be arrested and charged with criminal offences. He’s accused of business fraud connected to money he paid to an adult film actress shortly before he won the presidential election in 2016. The case comes as he campaigns to become president again, in the 2024 election. Trump pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court on Tuesday.

-Key words and phrases:
mugshot, unfolded, rails against

Donald Trump campaign releases ‘mugshot’ t-shirt

mugshot – photo of a person’s face taken by police after their arrest
a photograph of someone’s face, especially a criminal’s, or one taken for official purposes
a photograph taken by the police of a person who has been charged with a crime:

I was shocked to see his mugshot on the front page of the paper.
Well, seeing my mugshot plastered all over February’s scanner review didn’t help!

– The famous actor’s mugshot appeared in all the newspapers after his arrest.
– She felt humiliated to have a mugshot taken for a driving offence.

Rubbing his cheekbones in slow circles, he winces with pain at the sight of his own ugly mug.

unfolded – developed; became clear
Surrender, arrest and then a rally. How the day unfolded for former US president Donald Trump.

– The story unfolded slowly. It took ages to understand what was happening!
– As events unfolded, it became clear it was a major terrorist attack.

rails (at) against – complains angrily = rant
Trump rails against charges in post, arraignment speech at Mar-a-Lago
arraignment 罪状認否
– My dad rails against politicians of all parties. He thinks they’re all liars.
– Social media was full of people railing against their broadband provider for yet another service failure.