23/12/31 Rachel English – 3 GRE WORDS (WITH SAMPLE SENTENCES) 📚

23/12/31 Rachel English – 3 GRE WORDS (WITH SAMPLE SENTENCES) 📚

1). How would you characterize someone who is neat and well-groomed in their appearance?
His kempt hair and polished shoes revealed his atention to detail and professionalism.

2). How might you describe an action that involves confusing, upsetting, of frustrating someone,
often causing a state of disorientation?
The complicated and incomplete directions on how to put together my new couch would discombobulate even the best DIY, furniture putter-together.

3). What term refers to an unexpected or unpredictable change, often occurring in someone’s behavior or in a situation?
Her decision to quit her stable job and travel the world was a complete vagary to everyone.

kempt 〔髪が〕くしを入れてきちんと整った
discombobulate 〔人を〕困惑[混乱]させる、させる
[US] dìskəmbɑ́ːbjəleit | [UK] dìskəmbɔ́bjuleit、
vagary 〔状況などの〕予測のつかない変化[変動]、〔人の行動の〕気まぐれ[予測できない変化]
stable job 安定した仕事