Rachel English – American English Conversation (I Am Not Okay With This) 📺

Rachel English – American English Conversation (I Am Not Okay With This) 📺

I need you to grab Liam after school
because I’m working a double.
So our verb , a proper noun,
‘After school’ a noun;
because ‘I’m working’ a little bit there;
‘a double’ another noun.
‘A double’ means a double shift.
So two shifts in a row.

I need to grab Liam after school.
because I’m working a double.

I need you to grab
So just one peak of stress there:
I need you to
‘You’ and ‘to’ both reduce: Need you.
So when we have a word that ends in D,
if the next word is ‘you’,
it’s common for that to turn into a ‘need’,
a J sound.
I need you to

I need to grab.

work a double
= work a double shit

A double shift is a period of time during which you work two consecutive shifts at your job. For example, if one shift begins at 10 AM and goes until 4 PM, and the next shift goes from 4 PM to 10 PM, working from 10 AM to 10 PM would be considered a double shift.

ダブルシフトとは、連続して 2 つのシフトで勤務する期間のことです。 たとえば、あるシフトが午前 10 時に始まり午後 4 時まで続き、次のシフトが午後 4 時から午後 10 時まで続く場合、午前 10 時から午後 10 時までの勤務は二重シフトとみなされます。

Working a double shift typically refers to working two consecutive shifts in a single day, often resulting in an extended work period. This could involve working for an entire day or even longer, depending on the specific industry and employer. Double shifts are common in professions such as healthcare, hospitality, and emergency services, where continuous coverage is essential. It’s important to note that working extended hours can have an impact on physical and mental well-being, so it’s crucial for employers to adhere to labor laws and for employees to take care of themselves.
(ダブルシフト勤務とは通常、1 日に 2 つのシフトを連続して勤務することを指し、多くの場合、勤務期間が延長されます。 特定の業界や雇用主によっては、丸一日またはそれ以上の勤務が必要になる場合があります。 ヘルスケア、接客業、救急サービスなど、継続的な保障が不可欠な職業では、ダブルシフトが一般的です。 長時間労働は身体的および精神的な健康に影響を与える可能性があることに注意することが重要です。そのため、雇用主が労働法を遵守し、従業員が自分自身を管理することが重要です。)