kota_English – アメリカの小学生ってなんで〇〇満々なんwww

kota_English – アメリカの小学生ってなんで〇〇満々なんwww

The 24th
Her real birthday is yesterday.
But party is today.
Oh, yeah.
You’re gonna to have a party today?
This is the party.
Whar are you doing right now?
We’re ust hanging out and doing cheer stuff.
Yes, yes.

Do you guys wanna see the cheer?
Yes, of course.
Oh, good joy, guys.
Yeah, yeah.

You have any message to them?
You guys, stay tuned youself all.
Always be kind.
If you know harry style, just hit me up.
They taught hot to cheer someone.
She taught well.
OK, he looks confident.

hang out 遊ぶ
cheer stuff 応援のようなもの
stuff 「モノ」だけではなく、「漠然としたコト」
stay tuned