23/11/22 Rachel English – H🔥🔥 $5 to join the Academy 🔥🔥

23/11/22 Rachel English – H🔥🔥 $5 to join the Academy 🔥🔥 “I’m walking working from home tomorrow!” What?!? I’ll explain…

The other day, I was thinking about Lina,
who I lmet at my million subscriber party.
Yes. I made a scrapbook of it
so I could remember everyone and their stories.
And Lina told me about a time where
there was a big snowstorm predicted,
and her boss said,
Don’t come to work tomorrow.
And her coworker said,
What are you doing tomorrow?
She said, working from home.
And her coworker got totally confused,
because she thought Lina said,
walking from home.
Working, walking.
This kind of miscommunication
is what drives a lot of my students
to sign ujp for the Academy.
They know they have problems
with their American accent,
but they don’t really know what those problems are, or how to fix them.
In the Academy, we help you straighten everything out.
And right now,
we’re having our Black Friday sale.
Get your first mount of the Academy for just $5.
That’s 86% off.
Sale ends Cyber Monday.
Get in there now before you forget,
in three minutes,
you can be watching your first lesson.

Rache’s English
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subscriber 雑誌・新聞などの〕定期購読
scrapbook スクラップブック(新聞や雑誌から切り抜いた記事を張っておく帳面)
snowstorm 吹雪
predict 〔~を〕予測[予知・予報・予言・予見]する
coworker = co-worker 〔職場の〕同僚
working from home 在宅勤務
confuse 混乱する
miscommunication 語回
sign up -, 〔署名して〕参加する、入会手続きをする、契約する
fix 直す
straighten – out 〔問題・誤解・困難などを〕取り除く
get in there そこに入る[加わる]