kota_English – くっそー!!美女と出会うには〇〇行くしかないかあ

kota_English – くっそーーーーー!!!美女と出会うには〇〇行くしかないかあ

Most beautiful girls in California and Arizona.
So we wanna meet beaufiful girls.
So how to meet you guys.
We just go to school with them?
We’re in high school.

Married to men.
You married, wow!
I met mine in high school.
I met mine at a country music fastival.
I recommend going to music festival.
near this bars and find a girl that you think cute and go

Buy my drink.

Oh, we just met them from school.
Lie we gotta go to school.
Oh, yeah. Well we’re in high scool, so.
Farmers markets.
Out and about.
You know, you like the same things, you know.