(23/12/15)POC-English – Confusing English Idioms!

POC-English – Phone Conversations in English language || 4 phrasal verbs

(23/12/15)POC-English – Confusing English Idioms!

So, what do you think we should do with this problem.
Mmm. I think we should attract more private investors.
Yes. That is just the ticket.
What??? Ticket?!
No, I mean you hit the bull’s eye.
Bulls??? eys???
No, idiot. I mean you are exactly right.
But why don’t you say exactly right???
Why all these idioms?

うーん。 もっと多くの個人投資家を呼び込むべきだと思う
just the ticket
It means it’s just right, the comparison is like finding a winning ticket.

the appropriate or desirable thing.

hit the bull’s eye