POC-English – How to order food in a restaurant

POC-English – How to order food in a restaurant || English conversation lesson

How to order food in a restaurant.
Let’s flag down the waitress
Ah, excuse me.
Hi. Sorry for the hold up.
We’re packed to the fafters today.
Yeah. I noticed.
Did you decide on a main course?
Yes, um. I’ll have the chicken sandwich.
OK. Would you like it with mustard or ketchup?
With mustard. But please go light on it.
Don’t use a lot.
Well. Anything else?
Um, yeah. I’d have a side order of fries.
OK. Great! I’ll be back with your order.
You’re welcome.

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flag down [合図して]停止させる
get the attention of –
hold up 妨害、交通渋滞 = a delay
long wait
packed to the rafters , very crowded
 It means full. Imagine a house filled with stuff piled so high it reaches the rafters
 raft 〔屋根の〕垂木
go light on it , Don’t use a lot.
go light on (something)
To use something sparingly; to use less of something than normal.
I hope this horror movie goes light on the gore. 流血事件、殺人、暴力、血
I’ll have the salad, but please go light on the dressing.

side order , something extra